Free Trade and Protectionism… Are They Compatible?

Prompt: Is it logical for someone to affirm faith in the free market and also protectionism? No. Both are antitheses of the other. Free trade means just that: free trade with anyone you want, both parties willing and in authority - no third party interfering. Protectionism means a third party (government) stepping in, interfering with … Continue reading Free Trade and Protectionism… Are They Compatible?

Movie Stars and Anti-Capitalist Mentalities

Prompt: Why do voters accept the riches of movie stars, but resent the riches of businessmen? I truly believe that voters accept the riches of movie stars and reject the riches of a businessman because of how the entertainment industry portrays capitalism and how we’re raised. Famous people are envied, especially movie stars. They are … Continue reading Movie Stars and Anti-Capitalist Mentalities

Is Tax-Funded Education Bureaucratic?

Prompt: “Is tax-funded education inherently bureaucratic?” Yes. It is. I’ve written two other essays on this. Mises argued, Gary North argued, and I argue, that whoever pays for something automatically has authority over it. If the government paid for the school, then it decides what can and can’t be taught. That’s why prayers aren’t allowed … Continue reading Is Tax-Funded Education Bureaucratic?