About Me!

Hello, fellow Inquisitives! Welcome to my blog! It’s time we get acquainted, isn’t it? I’ll start! My name is Brianna. I am a homeschooled teenager who enjoys learning. My favorite subject is history. Check out my first blog post to learn more about the purpose of this site.


I am a born again, saved Christian. My faith and belief has its foundation and roots in the Bible. I am proud to boast my faith in Christ, my Savior. No page or article about me would be complete without sharing my faith! And I am so blessed to have Christian family and friends surrounding me! I am a young-earth Creationist, meaning that I fully believe that the earth and the universe was created in six literal, 24-hour days, around 6,000-7,000 years ago. The seventh day, God rested.


I am an avid animal lover. I am also an equestrian. My favorite riding style is Hunt Seat, although I do ride Western a lot. My wonderful family and I have dogs, rabbits, horses, and more! I enjoy learning as much as I can about animals, and I enjoy hands-on experience as well! My favorite dog breed is the Great Dane ( I have plenty of experience with big dogs, especially them). Little dogs (like Chihuahuas) actually scare me more than a giant Rottweiler or Doberman would, believe it or not!


I also write sometimes. I am currently working on a two-part murder mystery fiction novel, but it is not moving along quickly at all! I have perseverance, though, so I will end up finishing it sometime! Drawing and sketching are also a pastime of mine, mostly of horses and dogs by pencil.


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me! Stay tuned for more essays!!!


Have a blessed day, fellow Inquisitives!