Booker T. Washington: Was His Program Elitist?

Question: Was Booker T. Washington's Program for Gaining Social Acceptance for Blacks and Elitist Program??? My answer: I think that gaining social acceptance for black people was not elitist. Booker T. Washington was most definitely a pioneer of this. Tuskegee Institute had, in my opinion, a good leader in Booker. General Armstrong, his close friend, … Continue reading Booker T. Washington: Was His Program Elitist?


Memorable Moments from “Up From Slavery”

For my English class, I am reading an autobiography from a man by the name of Booker T. Washington. His autobiography is titled "Up From Slavery". In Washington's autobiography, he included some memorable images and moments in his narrative. I will show you several examples of these said "memorable images" and explain to you why … Continue reading Memorable Moments from “Up From Slavery”

Writing Dialogue from Memory Only

Writing an autobiography is difficult. Writing it from memory only is even harder! And writing dialogue or a whole conversation from memory alone? That is very difficult. Now this factual statement begs a question: What is most important in writing dialogue from memory: Accuracy, Succinctness, or liveliness? Let’s look at what each offers… Accuracy is … Continue reading Writing Dialogue from Memory Only